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Essaouira Morocco .

Essaouira, Morocco The Ouzoud Waterfall (day trip)

Essaouira MoroccoWe leave Marrakech at 8.00am in a private vehicle or minivan and travel to the town of  Essaouira Morocco(or Mogador), on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. You will then be free to spend the day exploring this beautiful fortified port town, though your guide will always be at hand to help if needed.For hundreds of years, Essaouira Morocco  has been a cultural center attracting artists, poets and musicians from around the globe, as well as being one of Morocco’s most important trading ports. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, there is something for everyone here: a fascinating history, splendid architecture, colorful shops and markets, a picturesque fishing harbor, a temperate climate, a beautiful coastline and lovely beach, opportunities for windsurfing and hiking, not to mention delicious seafood.The eclectic mix of architectural styles reflects the many cultures to have had influence here over the centuries. For example, the whitewashed walls and blue shutters of the houses have a distinctly Portuguese feel, though the beautiful doorways are 100% Moroccan. The medina and fortress, meanwhile, are a fine example of 18th century French military architecture, and look strikingly similar to the fortress town of St Malone Brittany.
The Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah Museum, which displays ancient art, jewelry and carpets, and some fine examples of marquetry crafted from local Thuya wood, is well worth a visit.The town is also home to the annual, international Gnaoua music festival, which is usually held around June.
We return to Marrakech in the late afternoon.


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